Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Current Conundrum

It makes as much sense to prescribe antidepressants for ME as to prescribe them for Parkinson's or polio. In fact, antidepressants may worsen our condition. Yet there is a mainstream medical assumption that it would be of value for us to be under psychiatric treatment and on psych meds, and we must show that we're receiving treatment to qualify for disability benefits. And if we don't receive the minimal benefits to which we would be entitled (based on my fairly low lifetime earnings) how are we to find a place to live and finance the complete rest and healthful diet we actually need if we're to hope for improvement? In pain and brain fog, I can only hope that I can work through the system, educate the doctors, struggle, juggle, and, as prescribed, avoid stress.


  1. What a (typical!) Catch-22! Any chance of finding an alternative-type doc who could prescribe, say, medical cannibis (I know one) or St. John's Wort or something that's not going to make the ME worse, but will fill the "bill" as far as being on prescribed meds? Alternately, could you get the prescription and then simply not take the meds?

    Glad you're blogging! Love to you and the "teens."

  2. Yes, it is C22. I can find alternative docs but can't pay them. Wouldn't want medical pot---didn't care for the stuff when I wasn't sick and think I'd like it less now. I will be getting acupuncture though, covered by MediCal! Yay! It helped a ton back in June when I got some acupuncture. I'd love to find doctors who've worked with ME and take MediCal but lacking that I'll do what other patients have done before me: refer the docs I have to the relevant articles, work with them, and I'm sure on reading your comment and reflecting, just being "under their care" should be sufficient. Hoping, anyway! Thanks for love and cheers. And yeah... they're teens, and both taller than me.