Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Days I Don't Blog

I would like to blog, or better really write. Failing that I wish while resting I could read. I spent an hour on hacking down weeds at the house where we're staying for now, and another on cooking meals, a half hour on paperwork, and that was all I had for today. Energy used, confusion descending, pain.

I would also like to swim, hike, dance, travel, go see you! Wish I could take a vacation from sickness.

If I have to be housebound the dream is to be like Laura Hillenbrand who wrote Seabiscuit despite ME and maybe someday I'll manage the disease well enough to write but now this little bit is all I have left squeezed from exhausted brain. She maybe had a lot of support. I should write about this sometime when I have a little more energy I guess. I want to explain sometime soon what it's like day after day, what I do if I'm doing "nothing."


  1. Even without ME, days, weeks, entire months can get eaten up by basic stuff like housework, shopping, cooking, and family biz. I would guess that Laura did have more support, either in the form of people doing for her or money to pay for things to get done. I also expect that with or without extra folks or $$, you'll learn to manage your ME better and better over time, the kids will keep getting older and more independent, your situation will settle into more of a routine, and you'll write another masterpiece. :)

  2. "Another." I like that. Thanks, Risa.