Saturday, October 17, 2009

More news is good news.

A flurry of press attention to ME/CFS has followed the news of a retroviral link. I hope for a cure, or at least a treatment, some relief, certainly more acceptance of the reality of the disease. If nothing else, the tremendous increase in coverage ought to lift the stigma.

A doctor who treats both says in this Q&A in the NY Times, that she would rather have HIV:

Comparisons are odious but it's true that decades of research have relieved much of the suffering and stigma of those with HIV, while we with CFS still struggle against the insistance of the ignorant that it's "all in our heads."

Meanwhile, it seems we may be far more numerous. Among the facts that fly in this Science Friday interview on NPR, we learn that there may be ten times the number of infections with XMRV worldwide as with HIV:

Speaking of viruses, there may be some useful information here for those with ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia who are considering the H1N1 vaccination. For me and my kid it's too late. We were infected by H1N1 and had a nasty case of flu on top of the usual, and our doctors, despite the fact that we're part of a "high risk" group, refused to test, but the good news is, we survived. Get more answers or at least questions from this article:

I hope to write some more actual writing, soon.