Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Blind Men, an Elephant and a Weasel

A Short Fable for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Seven blind men and a weasel checked out an elephant that was confined in a cage in the zoo.

Each blind man felt a different part of the elephant and came up with a different description of the animal.

The weasel asked the elephant, "how do you feel?"

The elephant replied that it was tired of being trapped in a zoo, tired of being felt up and probed by blind men, didn't care to talk to a weasel and would like to return to its former life in the jungle.

The weasel said, "Are you kidding? I would love to be the center of all this attention. You must be crazy."

And because the weasel happened to have psychiatric credentials, it was concluded by all that the elephant was crazy.

Because it was a mad elephant, it was necessary to keep it in solitary confinement until it ceased its irrational thought habits.

The moral of this story is, Let my people go!

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