Monday, February 27, 2012

12 May Global Day of Action

[update - for more 12 May resources go here]

Slamming this one out with no edits - I'm all wrote out for now, but I want to disseminate some info right away, to give you time to plan.

Got a neuro-immune disease? I hope not.
Know someone who has one? Probably.
They include --- well, here. Just read the back of the t-shirt.

If you have one of these diseases you've probably heard ...
  • "You don't look sick."
  • "Yeah, well, I don't feel so good either."
  • "Can't you just control that with _______?"
... but you know the pain, and you know that what these diseases need is funding for research.
NID's are invisible and misunderstood diseases; it's hard to get research funding.
People just aren't aware of the tremendous need.

Time to read the front of the shirt:

Okay, now you know what to do.
Then I'll tell you.
Do something. ANYthing. Create an action and make it speak louder than words.
When you know what you're going to do on 12 May for NIDs, tell us about it.
We'll pool our efforts and make 12 May 2012 one huge global action.

Now, all the links below are works in progress, because of course we still need to add you in there.
I'll be drawing with chalk on the sidewalk in San Francisco. Joni will be leafleting in Des Moines.
I think Mary might be presenting a statement of grievances in Washington, DC.
Carole's action will be in Edinburgh or Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Monique in Belgium, Cathy in Spain, the list is growing.

Some will go to a nearby government health office, some will set up an information table at their local market, and others will create a photo or video protest from their couch or sickbed.

Wherever you are, there's an action you can do. It can be whatever type of action you are inspired and able to create: flash mob, rally, press conference, picket, video... your call. And it can be focused on one NID, or several, or all of them.

You need not be sick to help raise awareness. In fact, we sickies would love to have some strapping, energetic wellies helping out. Okay, even some weak, low-energy wellies. Everyone's welcome.

We'll be selling the t-shirts to raise funds in hopes that we can help defray the costs of flyers, signs, fake blood or whatever is required to pull off as many Actions as possible.

Please join in and help us make the 20th International Awareness Day so big, that in another 20 years we'll actually have not only awareness but some acceptable treatments and even cures.

Here's the Facebook Event Page. and here's the web site. I hope to see you there.

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