Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gaudy Gloriosa

Once I wrote longer things. These days I can sometimes write a poem. One of my ME buddies took this photo. I saw it and said hey, I've got a poem that goes with that. Nifty - not only can we still be creative, we can still collaborate.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Wilderness Settlement

Lost alone in vast wilderness
blasting winds casting me past
one withered trunk
looking like the last withered trunk
another or the same
barely discernible in blizzard blindness –

yes, I remember that
it was all that bad,
that bad
and more
do you remember?

till we beat our fists and howled
curses against any surface
withered trunk
frozen ground
our own skulls
available to take
the pounding of our helpless rage –

how we found one another
sheer dumb luck
on that cold frontier
through vast blasting unknown
one to the next
grabbed hold of the next
clung together
do you remember?

to form a colony was bliss
the occasional dispute inevitable
but together
never again alone
our survival depended
one to the next
on the comforting compromise

(for my comrades in illness)