Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gaudy Gloriosa

Once I wrote longer things. These days I can sometimes write a poem. One of my ME buddies took this photo. I saw it and said hey, I've got a poem that goes with that. Nifty - not only can we still be creative, we can still collaborate.


  1. Hi,

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    1. Thanks, Lauren! Yes, I know of Dr Tietelbaum's work, and I think much of his protocol can be valuable to many patients but it is more than a little misleading to call this disease Fatigue and to claim to have a Solution, and I find his "news" articles never contain actual new news but seem designed to promote his books and his protocol products. So again, I do see much of value in his work, but that angle he comes from really devalues it, for me. There are too many severely ill ME patients for anyone to be marketing anything as a "cure" or "solution" when it doesn't make us well or even 80% better. Like any other treatment ideas, we have to take Dr Teitelbaums with a grain of salt.