Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sex and the Cannabis Cooperative

Sex and drugs? Some drugs, such as alcohol, are not so great for sex. Not tonight, got a headache? Caffeine might help clear up a migraine...or better still, cannabis. And best of all, cheap cannabis.

Chronic pain patients everywhere know the value of pleasure in fighting pain. About 6 months after my diagnosis - a couple of years into my illness with M.E. - I attended a 12-session pain management course. In one session fairly early into the series, the instructor explained the pain circuitry of our nervous system, and how we can at least temporarily block it, by various methods.

One great way is to reroute the circuitry around pain, via pleasure. So, the instructor asked, could we list some pleasures that might overcome pain for a while? The students came up with many -- chocolate, bubble baths, spending time in nature or with their grandchildren, a funny movie -- there was a long list, and still the instructor was fishing.

"There's something you haven't thought of...." We thought some more. "Chocolate?" we said again. "No...what about sex?"

What about sex? What about sex for the chronically ill, the housebound, the bedridden, the crippled? That's a whole blog topic in itself, and way beyond the scope of this post, which I want to keep short for two reasons: my hands aren't happy typing, and many of my readers are sick and can't read long stuff.

So, Sex and the Cannabis Cooperative.

Sex: Yes, it is great for pain.

Cannabis: Yes ,it is great for pain and for sex.

Cannabis Cooperative: Comfort to the People.

I was already thinking of blogging about the coop, when a friend shared an article about Foria, a cannabis lube promising to give women 15 minutes of orgasm. Like Oz, this is great and terrible.

It's great because it will help get the word out about one more excellent property of cannabis. And nothing sells like sex, so I'm sure it will also hasten the day cannabis use is legal worldwide and not just for medicinal purposes.

It's terrible because they want $88 per ounce for this stuff, and it's only available to medical cannabis patients in California.

If you are able to obtain cannabis, and I hope you are lucky like me and can get it legally, you can make your own sex lube, also usable as a topical ointment for pain and also good to take internally for pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, or any of the many symptoms treatable with cannabis. You can try my recipe for it or search for cannabis coconut oil recipe and you'll get over a hundred thousand results.

Or you can pay $88 an ounce.

At that price, I just whipped up over $5,500 worth last night.

And that's where they coop comes in. If you can't grow your own, hook up with a friendly family farmer. They may already have a coop or be open to starting one. Some farmers might prefer to sell only to dispensaries, but many farmers like mine might be open to -- and even greatly enjoy -- directly interacting with patients.

Patient contact helps my farmer know what's working for which ailments, and tailor his crops according to our needs. Working it as a coop allows him to keep his operation small, much of the work being done by patients so he doesn't have to hire labor. Some of us help directly with farm labor, on the farm. Some receive deliveries of harvested plants to be trimmed and weighed out into bags of buds. Some, like me, use trim -- the non-bud plant parts that contain medicine but aren't so good for vapourising or smoking -- to make medicines like this coconut oil (aka sex lube), tinctures, medicinal cookies, oil concentrates, etc.

So the benefit to patients, beyond getting farm-fresh organic cannabis, is reduced prices, and the satisfaction of knowing we're helping other patients. The half gallon of coconut oil I made last night, and the dozen one-ounce bottles of tincture I made a couple weeks ago, will help patients in 6 counties achieve pain relief, fight cancer, treat glaucoma and more. And yeah, that "more" includes, have good sex.

I can't blame the Foria people for trying to make some big bucks off cannabis lube, but it's not a new invention. Mary Magdalene probably used cannabis lubricant. And, well, capitalism sucks, as the recent ridiculous elevation of corporations to the status of personhood so clearly demonstrates. I suppose Foria is doing public service by tastefully publicizing the orgasmic power of cannabis. And those who have more money than time can pick up a convenient little one-ounce spray bottle at their dispensary. That's fine. But I thought I'd better remind everyone that it's easy to make your own.

And share it.

And spread the word.

Step by step, bringing prohibition to an end.

Of course I suppose there are some prudish politicians who will try to twist this publicity of the erotic value of cannabis into more Reefer Madness excuses to keep cannabis use illegal and protect the profits of the prison and pharmaceutical industries. Trembling with outrage they will point the finger at patients and say, "They're not really sick! They just want to have orgasms!" And alcohol and tobacco will remain legal because they never caused anyone to come.

This bizarre sort of nonsense can't last long.

Cannabis use WILL be legal.

Let's make lots of cooperatives and homemade medicine, so that even when it's legal it can be affordable.


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